Măxineni Village City Hall

Măxineni Village City Hall

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Măxineni 817090, Romania


Măxineni Village City Hall

General presentation
Măxineni is a village in Brăila County, Muntenia, Romania, consisting of the villages of Corbu Nou, Corbu Vechi, Latinu, Măxineni (residence) and Voinești.

The village is located in the northwest of the county, on the right bank of the Siret (which forms the border with Galati county), at the mouth of Buzău. It is crossed by the DN23 road that connects the cities of Brăila and Focșani. In the village of Latinu, from this road branches the county road DJ202B, which goes on the right bank of Buzău, to the southwest, to Scorțaru Nou, and further south to Gemenele.

At the end of the 19th century, the commune was part of the Marginea de Jos network of Râmnicu Sărat county and consisted only of the village of residence, with 1393 inhabitants. In the commune there was a steam mill and a mixed school with 90 students, founded in 1878. The only church in the commune was the Măxineni monastery, built by the ruler of Wallachia Matei Basarab in 1638 and maintained at that time by the Eforia of Civil Hospitals. At that time, on the current territory of the commune, the functioning and Corbu commune (in the same net), and Latinu commune, in Vădeni net from Brăila county. The commune of Corbu consisted of the hamlets of Corbu and Chioveanu, with a population of 1540 inhabitants. There was a church built in 1868 and a mixed school with 73 students (including 9 girls), opened in 1870. The commune of Latinu consisted of the villages Latinu Vechi (founded in 1836) and Latinu Nou (where they moved in 1861 inhabitants of Old Latin following the floods caused by the river Buzau), taken a total of 601 inhabitants. In the commune of Latinu there is a church dating from 1865 and a mixed school with 26 students.

In 1925, Măxineni commune had 1259 inhabitants, and Corbu commune - 1065; both being part of the Măicănești network of Rm. Sărat county. The commune of Latinu consisted of the villages of Gurgueți, Latinu Nou, Latinu Vechi, Oancea and Voinești, with 652 inhabitants; it is part of the Silistraru network of Brăila county.

In 1950, the communes of Măxineni and Corbu were assigned to the Măicănești district of the Putna region and then (after 1952) of the Galați region. In 1956, they moved to Brăila district in the Galați region, a district of which Latinu commune was part since 1950. In 1968, the communes of Latinu and Corbu were abolished, and the villages of Corbu Nou, Corbu Vechi, Latinu and Voinești, which made them up, were transferred to Măxineni communes.

Tourist attractions
In Măxineni commune there is Măxineni Monastery, classified as an architectural monument of national interest. The church is located on the banks of the Siret, 9 km north-northeast of the village of Măxineni and was built in 1636–1637 and rebuilt in 1859 and 2004.

The monastery, attested for the first time on September 2, 1637, was built on the site of an older wooden church, after, during a military incursion, the ruler of Wallachia noticed the strategic importance of the area. The monastery was listed by Matei Basarab, in the solemn deed of November 27, 1640, among the great founders. The construction works lasted until June 25, 1651, when the church was consecrated.

Otherwise, in Măxineni commune there are two other objectives included in the list of historical monuments from Brăila county as historical monuments of local interest. One is classified as an architectural monument, an ensemble of popular architecture from the village of Corbu Vechi, delimited by the perimeter of the houses of Nicolae Chirpac, Ion Dănilă and Virgil Sandu. The other is classified as an archeological site, located 500 m from the mouth of the Buzău, near the village of Voinești. The site comprises a settlement and a necropolis dating from the 16th - 17th centuries.

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