Solunar fishing times☀️🎣

Solunar fishing times☀️🎣

Calendar solunar 2022

Have you ever wondered what are the best days for fishing?

Here's a handy tip that might help you in the future if you want to find the right time for a relaxing fishing trip.

Have you heard of the "Solunar fishing times"?

The solunar is a tool used by fishermen and hunters to determine the optimal periods of feeding and activity of game for guidance. The word solunar is obtained from the combination of the Latin words, sol and lunar, in free translation sun and moon.

According to John Alden Kinght, fish have a certain "habit", a tendency to feed at certain intervals that are perfectly consistent with weather phenomena, determined by the attraction of the moon on the earth but also by gravitational attraction exerted by the sun. . These phenomena affect the way fish and other animals move or feed.

Here Solunar fishing times and be aware of all these events.

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