Vâlciu Arm

Vâlciu Arm


Brațul Vâlciu , Romania


Vâlciu Arm

The Vâlciu Arm is one of the 3 arms (Crâmele Arm or the new Danube - the navigable arm in the west, the Vâlciu Arm - in the middle and the Măcin Arm or the old Danube - in the east) in which the Danube River separates at the entrance to Brăila County. This arm is about 40 km long. This arm is about 40 km long.

Vâlciu is part of the Balta Mică a Brăila nature reserve. In the area, the water is not drinkable, except for infiltration. The Vâlciu branch is one of the most important tourist objectives in Muntenia, an objective that you should not miss if you are nearby.

It can be reached in two ways: either at the Stanca ferry crossing and on the main highway from the Big Island of Brăila, to the right place. Țăcău, either on the Gropeni ferry crossing and went downstream on the dam.

Numerous species of fish can be found on the Vâlciu Arm, among which: carp, pikeperch, catfish, pike, bream, crucian carp and other small species.

Bait: worms, boilies, wormwood, polenta are recommended for carp, white earthworms and mouthpieces are especially recommended for carp, and only live pike pike.

Other useful information: due to the fact that in the area there is only drinking water for infiltration, depending on how long you camp in the area it is advisable to go with water reserves.

The place is ideal for setting up tents, fishing without tax, respecting the rules provided by law and the prohibition periods.

fish species

  • Carp
  • Luce
  • Common carp
  • Salau
  • Somn
  • Oblet

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