International Environment Day

International Environment Day

5th of June

Every year, the dates of June 5 are marked World Environment Day.
The United Nations (United Nations General Assembly) has adopted a resolution caring to designate June 5 as World Environment Day and to take care of the functioning of government and organizations around the world, if it is presented in its place, the activities of the United Nations through which he had to reaffirm their concern for conservation and needed meditation.

An encouragement institution was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly for the Stockholm Conference on Human Ecology and may be more important for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), according to www.un. org.
Each edition of World Environment Day is set or themes, recommended by UNEP. Through this brand it is possible to stimulate people's concern for environmental protection and while it can sensitize policy makers to act in this regard.
Transmission of diseases, such as the new coronavirus, between humans and animals economic development, ecosystem integrity and well-being.
The United Nations Environment Program supports global efforts to protect biodiversity, to put an end to the illegal trade in animals, to protect under the use of hazardous or banned chemicals and waste to promote economic recovery plans, in order to

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